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Specialists and all-rounders work together at CIM in project teams comprising engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists and economists who work together to meet the customer’s requirements. Our teams have the experience and expertise required to bring projects to a speedy and successful conclusion.

Our logistics consultants at CIM have extensive experience of successful project management in the warehouse management and intralogistics sectors, and work together with the customer to develop optimal solutions.

We offer economically efficient solutions clear and provide you with clear quotations detailing both the business processes and the relevant hardware requirements, such as RF equipment, servers and printers.

We – the CIM GmbH Logistik-Systeme – regard the relationship with our customers as a partnership involving mutual trust, support, solidarity and constructive solutions. Implementing our software for perfect handling of your warehouse processes ensures not only continuous improvement and absolute reliability but also enhances your ability to deliver.

We're looking forward to your warehouse!

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