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Kaiserslautern (D)
Automobile Manufacturer


  • 250

Warehouse data

  • Total block storage area of approx. 35,000 m².


  • Host interface to General Motors (GM Host)
  • Access interface

Performance capacity

  • Approx. 4,000 articles
  • Up to 4,000 storage and retrieval operations daily
  • Operations in three shifts

Processes and solutions

  • Production label printing
  • Management of lot sizes for storage
  • Advance notice of storages straight from production
  • Quality assurance with quarantine
  • Drive-in rack storage l
  • Central package ID
  • Just-in-time delivery (production) to external plants
  • Delivery for in-house assembly orders
  • Data convertor
  • EAN labels
  • Paperless, prioritised picking control system
  • Cross-docking with intelligent shortage item fulfilment
  • Direct loading of transport vehicles
  • Transfer of data to Access and Excel for further processing externally

User benefits

  • Full traceability of all warehouse operations 
  • Accurate personnel management, minimising errors
  • Adherence to GM’s quality standards
  • Stock monitoring and optimal warehouse controlling
  • Prioritisation of orders
  • Timely delivery of rush orders


  • MGO (General Motors)


  • Oracle 11g

Case study (German)

Frische Lagerverwaltung für bessere Autos