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Selestat/Strasbourg (F)
Manufacturer of kitchens and kitchen accessories, subsidisary of SALM SAS (Société Alsacienne de Meubles)


  • 10

Warehouse data

  • 40,000 storage locations
  • Three production areas
  • 100,000m² of floor space and storage space
  • Real wood and PVC warehouse
  • Four-aisle high-bay warehouse – 1,800 goods movements daily
  • Host system: SAP R/3
    Database: SQL Server Enterprise Edition
    Operating system: Windows 2000 SP3

Interfaces and hardware control

  • Host interface to ERP system SAP R/3
  • MES interface to material flow controller
  • Vertical carousel (Megamat)
  • Automated tray and pallet warehouse (Viastore)

Processes and solutions

  • Forklift routing system and picking system
  • Mobile goods receipt with RF
  • Computer-controlled conveyor technology
  • Automatically operated flow rack system 
  • Dynamic height management  
  • Height optimisation for stored boards
  • Replenishment
  • Controlling
  • Expiry date management
  • Batch management
  • Client administration
  • Empties handling
  • Visualisation of quality control for board grain

Customer benefits

  • Thanks to height optimisation, a third more boards can be stored
  • Increased stock accuracy due to quality control
  • Prevention of picking errors through height management, forklift routing system and wireless systems.
  • Reduction of buffer stocks and shorter storage periods resulting in shorter delivery periods, a higher service level and enhanced delivery reliability.