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Amstetten (A)
Manufacturer of formwork technology


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Warehouse data

  • Total storage area of 7,000m² in compact warehouse
  • Block, replenishment, small parts and special parts storage areas, forklift-operated racking system with 500 pallet slots
  • Fully automated high-bay facility with 21 levels in 14 aisles and 61,000 Euro pallet slots
  • Seven side-flexing rack feeders in high-bay facility
  • Host system: Navision
  • Database: Oracle
  • Operating system: Windows

Hardware control

  • S7 controller, material flow controller for double-deep racking system by SSI Schäfer


  • Host interface to Navision (ERP system)

Performance capacity

  • Approximately 3,900 articles including everything from small parts weighed in grams, right up to parts with an 11m profile and a piece weight of approx. 2,300 kg
  • Average daily tonnage: 600 tonnes with up to 1000 packages
  • Minimum lead time for picking: 3 hours
  • Warehousing operations in up to three shifts
  • 140 storage and retrieval transactions per hour in high-bay facility

Processes and solutions

  • Forklift routing system with double cycle
  • Serial number management
  • Administration of multiple owners
  • Deployment of crash classes
  • Consideration of roof pitches in tents
  • Allocation of picking stations depending on workload and size of pick items
  • Multi-level picking on screen
  • Management of system pallets and Euro pallets

Customer benefits

  • Increase in storage and retrieval transactions (thanks to double cycle)
  • Can be deployed company-wide
  • Cost reductions by easing the burden on  external warehouses
  • Paperless transactions
  • Comprehensive recording of stock