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Bánovce n. Bebr. (Slovakia)
Shoe manufacturers and retailers.


  • 36

Warehouse Data

  • High-bay facility, small parts storage area, leather and materials storage area
  • Article range: approx. 50,000 articles (parts and raw materials), 4,000 of which are actively in stock
  • Leather, materials, shoes, raw materials

Hardware Control

  • Narrow-aisle forklift trucks
  • High-bay facility
  • LXE multi-range scanners


  • ASCII interface to ERP-system IBM AS 400

Performance Capacity

  • 1,800 bookings daily

Processes and solutions

  • Forklift routing system incl. picking using carousel systems
  • Periodic stocktaking
  • Batch management
  • Shortage item handling/cross-docking
  • Quality assurance/quarantine
  • Consignment Managing
  • Automatic replenishment of picking storage areas
  • Expiry date management

Customer Benefits

  • Increased stock reliability
  • Supply of production points using carousel systems for picking
  • Seamless batch tracking in the warehouse
  • Optimized goods flows of shortage (missing) items or backlogs