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Heitersheim (D)
Producer of soap bars, soap granules and soap noodles


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Warehouse data

  • High-bay storage facility
  • Raw materials storage (liquid goods)
  • Solid materials
  • Host system: MAS 90 Database: SQL Server Operating system: Windows


  • Host interface to MAS 90 (ERP system)
  • Scales interface
  • Interface to Excel

Performance capacity

  • Daily output: 500,000 to 800,000 soap bars and 70 tonnes of base soap
  • 14,000 tonnes annually
  • 500 pallet movements daily

Processes and solutions

  • Picking control system with priority management
  • ABC evaluation tool
  • Direct storage and cross-docking
  • Empty pallet management
  • EAN number management
  • Quarantine area for quality assurance
  • Supply of raw material to the production plant with six production lines
  • Recording of remaining quantities in production and returns to storage
  • SSCC management
  • Stocktaking on mobile terminals

Customer benefits

  • Transparent stocks and processes right through to production
  • Quality assurance
  • Monitored production supply
  • Continuous batch tracking
  • Optimised warehouse utilisation