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Schweinfurt (D)
Packaging Manufacturer

Distribution centre

  • Narrow-aisle pallet store: 4,500 occupancy
  • Block storage area: 5,000 square metres

PROLAG®World Modules

  • ABC Analysis
  • set formation
  • PROLAG® Data Converter
  • order picking system
  • priority management
  • replenishment without recirculation
  • visualisation
  • storage of various sized load units on a single shelf
  • block storage

Logistics/Special features

Horna GmbH Packaging has been in the packaging and logistics business for more than 25 years. The family-run business is based in Gragenrheinfeld, in the north of Bavaria, storing the product portfolio over a surface area of over 5,000 square metres. The products range from cartons, containers, pallet protection items and inner packaging to cushioning, adhesive tape, corrosion protection and wrapping film and on to the machines and equipment used.

FIFO principle.

Host system

Microsoft SQL Business


Microsoft SQL Server 2003

Control system

Wireless data connection, forklift routing system


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