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Warehouse data

  • Product portfolio: pumps including electric motor driven and in-dustrial and mobile hydraulic pumpsCIM GmbH is the ideal logistics IT partner as far as we’re con-cerned.
  • Area of warehouse : 1500 m²
  • 3000 pallets and 10000 crates
  • Article spectrum: 5000 different articles, 2000 of which are actively located in the warehouse

Hardware control & interface

  • Control of short-range scanners
  • Host interface to JD Edwards (ERP system)

Processes and solutions

  • Shortage item handling at goods receipt:
    Whenever articles are required for an assembly order,
    the employee sees a relevant message on the scanner.
    The system checks how many articles are required
    at the assembly area, and how many can be put into storage in the warehouse.
  • Picking: based on the FIFO method, optimised pick paths thanks to the forklift routing system.
  • In the case of finished parts, employees can create a retrieval order directly in PROLAG®World using the scanner and remove the relevant goods from the warehouse.

Host system

  • JD Edwards


  • SQL-Server 2008 R2

Customer benefits

  • More efficient use of storage space in the warehouse thanks to chaotic storage.
  • Full traceability all processes in the warehouse.

Press release

PROLAG®World goes east - Parker Hannifin install PROLAG®World at their plant in the Czech Republic (14.08.2014)