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Beverage logistics | Automated storage | Pick-by-voice


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Warehouse data

  • Total storage area of 5,540m²
  • Automated high-bay facility (contractor: Gilgen Logistics AG) with five storage and retrieval machines (SRMs) and five aisles
  • SRMs with satellite-based navigation (SRM connected via WLAN)
  • Tenfold-deep storage and retrieval
  • 16,444 drinks pallets
  • 31 metres of conveyor bridge linking production and storage
  • Article master with 300 different articles

Interfaces and hardware control

  • Host interface to ERP system SAP R3
  • Interface to conveyor technology (Gilgen)
  • Interface to five SRMs (Gilgen)
  • Interface to printer and printing of EAN128 documents
  • Interface to pick-by-voice devices (connected via WLA)

Processes and solutions

  • Pre-picking at 148 picking stations using pick-by-voice technology.
  • 3 roller conveyors as flow storage solutions are replenished automatically with ho-mogenous articles. 
  • Automatic checking at goods receipt using fixed scanners: contour check, weight check and barcode readability check (of the pallets).
  • Storage based on A, B, C criteria, equal distribution,
    batches and field load capacity.
  • Tour optimization: PROLAG®World sorts the drinks pallets based on the scheduled tours. The WMS retrieves the pallets so that they can be loaded onto the truck in the reverse order in which they will be unloaded.
  • Visualization: An overview screen shows all sections
    of the conveyor technology solution and the high-bay facility in their current status. As soon as a conveyor, SRM, profile check, high-speed door or fire gate reports an incident, PROLAG®World sets the relevant section in the visualization to “incident” and marks the section in red

Host system

  • SAP R3

Customer benefits

  • Automation creates efficient and optimized processes.
  • Extensive visualization options make it considerably simpler to detect and deal with any incidents – incidents can be evaluated immediately and processed appropriately.
Ramseier Suisse Hochregallager mit Getränkepaletten, Kommissionierung mit Pick-by-Voice


process visualisation at RAMSEIER Suisse AG