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Metzingen (D)
Developer, manufacturer and supplier of core components for machine tools


  • 25

Warehouse data

  • Total storage area of 20,000 m²
  • Host system: Navision
    Database: Oracle
    Operating system: Linux

Hardware control

  • Kardex shuttle control
  • Haushahn automated small parts storage system controlled by an S7 control system
  • Siemens automated pallet storage system controlled by an S7
  • Conveyor technology controlled by an S7


  • Interface to Navision (ERP system)

Performance capacity

  • 80,000 articles in storage

Processes and solutions

  • Separate storage area for conveyor technology
  • Assembly delivery of approx. 80,000 containers
  • Up to 99 containers on one tray
  • Replenishment of small parts storage area and shuttles from fully automated pallet storage area
  • Retrievals for assembly (area) are released in parallel. With optimised container picking over multiple storage area, goods are retrieved based on the “goods to man” principle and delivered to the assembly area
  • Double retrievals from shuttles and access openings over several floors

Customer benefits

  • Reduction in workloads thanks to “goods to man” throughout the warehouse
  • Transparent warehouse processes
  • Real-time booking of storage transactions
  • Connection of automated components
  • Pallets and goods on the conveyor are familiar and can be tracked
  • Reduction of picking routes at storage areas which extend over several floors using access openings