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Erlangen (D)
Global company Spare parts logistics


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Warehouse data

  • High-bay facility with 12 aisles
  • Host system: WebLogX
    Database: SQL Server
    Operating system: Linux

Performance capacity

  • 12,000 different spare parts ranging from small to large parts such as engines and engine housings

Processes and solutions

  • Scheduled goods receipts with advance shipping notices from the ERP system
  • Storage location suggestions based on geometry and properties of parts
  • Order management with orders from WebLogX
  • Multiple logistics centres and owners worldwide
  • Consideration of regionally different warehouse structures
  • Per-customer warehouse billing
  • Sequential stocktaking

Customer benefits

  • Continuous traceability of all goods movements
  • Central system for management of multiple sites and goods owners
  • Guaranteed delivery time of four hours
  • Ordering of spare parts over the internet from anywhere in the world
  • Separate billing for each goods owner
  • Simplified stocktaking