Warehouse management and perfect material flows present a special challenge in the industrial and production sectors. Reducing cycle times and manufacturing costs is crucial, while simultaneously enhancing production and delivery quality. The key is a perfectly functioning warehouse management solution.

CIM has over 30 years’ experience in optimizing industry and production processes. We have designed our own material flow controller in PROLAG®World capable of operating a variety of material flow aid devices to ensure that materials flow freely at all times. This helps you achieve synchronized production and logistics, enhance process quality and reduce inventory levels. The system also guarantees high production rates and efficiency and a consistently high level of service, delivering the right product to the right place at the right time.

Our warehouse management highlights for industry/production:

  • Quality management and quality assurance
  • Shortage item management, cross-docking and multi order picking
  • Steering of production supply and manufacturing
  • e-kanban
  • Picking with return to storage