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Time is money – there couldn’t be a more fitting slogan for the mail order and e-commerce sector. Same-day delivery is increasingly becoming the standard to reflect the growing customer demand for faster deliveries. This requires one thing above all: a unified and coherent e-commerce concept. Only a high-performance warehouse management system which optimises storage processes and improves picking productivity can lay the foundation for faster response times in today’s marketplace.

With PROLAG®World, shipments can be bundled by manufacturers and e-commerce providers and delivered to retailers and end customers in a smooth and timely manner. All processes are integrated with the online shop to ensure that no information gets lost. Customer orders are suitably prioritised and leave the warehouse as quickly as possible. We also have an efficient returns management system which quickly allocates returned articles to the original purchase and prepares them for resale once they have been inspected.

Our warehouse management highlights for e-commerce:

  • Two-step picking and multi order picking
  • Pick & Pack
  • Dashboard: real-time data analysis
  • Order and article-based volume calculation
  • Returns management