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A profile of PROLAG®World logistics software

  • CIM GmbH and PROLAG®World have carried ISO 2008:9001 certification since 2010.
  • PROLAG®World is also certified for integration with SAP.
  • You can manage an unlimited number of warehousing facilities, storage locations and storage areas, load units, rack dimensions and I-points (goods receipt).
  • You can manage different types of stock (unrestricted, locked, reserved), transport stocks and I-point stocks; there is no risk of articles getting ‘lost’.
  • Various methods of stocktaking are supported including periodic, permanent, sequential and random sample stocktaking.
  • PROLAG®World supports complex stock putaway and retrieval strategies – fully tailored to your individual requirements.
  • The logistics software manages bulk storage, flow and drive-in racking systems and compact storage systems.
  • The software enables seamless batch traceability for the process industry.
  • All stock removals are verified; the quality assurance function (QA) ensures that locked stocks do not end up in a separate quarantine area.
  • Stock removal strategies are based on the FIFO or LIFO principle or priorities with respect to picking partial quantities first.
  • PROLAG®World ensures that picking areas are replenished automatically.
  • Our logistics software controls automated storage systems: stacker cranes, picking carousels, container conveyor technology, pick by light and pick by voice picking systems.
  • All scheduled stock putaway and retrieval transactions are communicated to and from the ERP system through a certified host interface.
  • PROLAG®World can manage multiple warehousing facilities from a central IT department for multiple owners and clients.
  • Our ‘Dispatch Area’ module provides interfaces to all the major CEPs (Courier/Express/Parcel).

Your benefits with PROLAG®World

  • PROLAG®World is fully browser-based allowing you access to your data any time, any place.
  • Our warehouse management solution facilitates a high level of transparency and organization in the warehouse.
  • Thanks to its modular structure, the software is future-proof and easily adaptable to any changes to your processes.
  • PROLAG®World optimizes occupancy in your warehouse and maximizes returns, helping you to save personnel resources and reduce search times.
  • You optimize your use of space and resources in the warehouse by defining zones and fill levels for stock putaway.
  • We guarantee faster lead times and optimal allocation of your resources.
  • The high level of stock reliability and process security streamline your picking processes making for fewer returns..