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The PROLAG®World converter is an efficient tool for linking IT landscapes and provides a standardized basis for communication. The converter links the various software systems in your supply chain and is also an important element with respect to the communication between the Warehouse Management System PROLAG®World and your host, production planning, quality assurance or any other software system – whether as a stand-alone product or as an extension of PROLAG®World: it is thus possible to connect host systems such as Sage, Infor, ProAlpha or Baan. The data converter can communicate with any ERP system. This means that both PROLAG®World and our shipping software PROSEND can be easily integrated into your existing system environment.

Seamless collaboration, consistent transparency and reduced complexity – the converter facilitates cooperation between each of the software systems within your supply chain.

Der Datenkonverter ist ein effizientes Werkzeug zur Verknüpfung Ihrer IT-Landschaften
Der Konverter ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil für die Kommunikation zwischen der Warehouse-Management-Software PROLAG®World und anderen Softwaresystemen

Possible use cases

  • The converter can be used as a stand-alone product to link together the software systems in your supply chain.
  • You can use the converter as an extension of PROLAG®World in order to connect your ERP system or other software systems to CIM’s software products.

Typical application areas


The converter links your online shop software to the software in the warehouse – resulting in real-time inventory visibility and faster replenishment.


The converter connects the POS, ERP and production systems with the WMS and shipping software – facilitating a consistent and transparent delivery chain.


The converter links your customers’ ERP systems to PROLAG®World – increasing your competitive advantage and customer loyalty.


For employees in the warehouse

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface.
  • Accessible through a web browser in real time – any time, any place.
  • Ability to connect any ERP system.

For logistics managers and decision-makers

  • The software maps the requested target process as the standard.
  • Numerous configuration options in the software allow you to make your own customizations – without any programming effort.
  • Any modifications to system connectivity can be configured independently.

Key functions at a glance

  • Data transfer for all types of interface
  • Integration of IT landscapes
  • Interface to all ERP/host systems
  • Certified SAP interface

Key functions in detail

The converter as a service

The PROLAG®World converter is set up as a service and converts data automatically or at defined times to a consistent format. Communication between the host (or other system) and the WMS or from the WMS back to the host (or other system) takes places reliably in the background.

Simple configuration

The data converter enables data transfer for all types of interfaces – flexibly, securely and cost-effectively. Data can be sent in both directions and communication between two databases is also possible. The interface to the host system can be set up by making a few simple configuration settings, without any programming effort. The converter can read and process all database formats such as XML, ASCII, FixedField and Delimiter. The data can be passed on to parcel delivery services and logistics centres.

Durch den Konverter erfolgt der Datentransfer für Schnittstellen aller Art kostengünstig und flexibel

SAP interface

An integral part of the converter is the certified SAP interface which enables IDoc or RFC import. The interface converts the IDocs to XML format using the JAVA business converter and they can then be processed further.

The same naming conventions are used as for the original files. For more information, see SAP interface.

AS/400 Interface

The new IBM eServer i7 allows different operating systems to be used simultaneously. It is thus possible to run an OS/400 operating system and a graphical server system such as Linux or Windows with a modern application on one system. This process requires new hardware, however, in order to attain an acceptable level of Performance.

You can continue to work with the AS/400 technology with which you are familiar. Use the well-known ERP applications with your usual tools for database evaluation. And you don’t have to do without the graphical application areas of modern object-oriented software. With CIM’s application server concept you can keep your existing AS/400 technology and still run a modern warehouse management System.

PROLAG®World communicates with the AS/400 environment. By deploying a SUSE Linux Enterprise server as a platform for PROLAG®World, an application server is connected to your AS/400 database over a JDBC interface. There is no impact on the performance of your database server and the data from two environments is merged.

Your benefits:

  • Low hardware costs by using existing AS/400 technology and an inexpensive application Server.
  • There is no burden on your AS/400 system resources.
  • You do not require new IBM eServer 75 hardware.