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PROLAG®World handles all the processes related to your production logistics allowing you to achieve a perfect flow of goods. Based on the production orders in the system, the warehouse management software ensures that the right quantity of raw materials is delivered at the right place at the right time.

The materials are booked when they are delivered to a production area or once the production process is complete – based on the number of finished parts. Scrapping or booking of defective parts can be reported to the system and any residual materials are recorded and returned to stock. PROLAG®World organizes temporary storage for semi-finished and finished parts and handles shipping for the parts which have been produced.

Typical application areas


Production logistics in PROLAG®World is designed for copmanies looking for a software system which maps their production processes. Regardless of which industry sector and whether you produce solid or liquid materials, the various modules in PROLAG®World’s production logistics solution can be tailored to the needs of your specific processes.

Functions at a glance

Production logistics in PROLAG®World comprises a number of different, freely selectable modules:
  • Production supply and manufacturing – maps all goods flows related to production and manufacturing
  • E-kanban – automatic supply of materials to individual workstations
  • Production control based on the pull principle – oriented towards current requirements
  • Batch pass – precise information on all content
  • Lot sizes – optimum lot sizes for serial production
  • Kitting/Set building – assembly of sets comprising different articles
  • Bills of materials – single-level or multi-level
  • Repacking station for value-added services – repacking of finished products to support product launches, promotions, and so on
  • Production with liquids and powders – tolerances are taken into account


For employees in the warehouse

  • The right quantity of material is supplied to the right machine at the right time
  • Variable types of material staging
  • Ergonomic user guidance

For logistics managers and decision-makers

  • Clear overview of all orders, stocks and articles in the dashboard
  • Ability to extend PROLAG®World, adapting the system to future requirements
  • Fast and accurate order processing

Functions in detail

Basic module: production supply and manufacturing

PROLAG®World can be tailored to suit your individual production processes: you have the freedom to create your production islands, machines or consolidated production areas exactly as required. There are a number of options in PROLAG®World for supplying production points or machines with the right materials:

  • Users pick the exact number or quantity of raw materials and deliver them to the machines.
  • Production points are supplied with materials using carousel picking systems and any residual materials are immediately returned to stock.
  • Materials can also be supplied using automatic replenishment via e-kanban, or auxiliary materials delivered straight to the machines or assembly areas.

Managing scrap in your production processes

Using an additional dialog for recording scrap quantities, PROLAG®World registers faulty raw materials and picks these articles again. Goods which show quality defects during the production process can be sent straight to quality assurance for checking. The scrap reason such as 'QA' or 'scrapping' is entered accordingly. The tolerances defined in PROLAG®World allow defined deviations without the risk of error.

PROLAG®World erfasst fehlerhafte Rohmaterialien

Cancelling production orders

Production orders can be cancelled or closed manually in PROLAG®World at any time. If a customer makes changes to their order or there is a shift in market requirements, the production order is stopped and adjusted and the raw materials are immediately released to be used for other orders. If the production order consists of multiple levels or sub orders, these are also cancelled by PROLAG®World. 

Any raw materials and parts which are still at the production station are automatically returned to stock by the WMS. As well as for liquids, tolerances can also be defined for ordered finished parts so that any deviations in quantity are accepted by the system. This means that the user can close an order before the absolute purchase order quantity has been fulfilled.