Mobile picking and optimal process control 

PROLAG®Go guides your picking staff on the shortest paths through the warehouse using mobile devices such as tablets, smart glasses, pick by voice devices, smartphones or wireless scanners. PROLAG®Go supports all of the principal warehousing processes such as stock putaway and relocation, picking, production supply, production disposal and shipping. The application also provides a large number of additional modules and functions which can be activated as required, giving you the agility and flexibility to respond rapidly to future changes in your processes.

PROLAG®Go organizes and monitors transport routes for your picking staff. Transport orders are transmitted by the software to the picker’s tablet, smart glasses, pick by voice device, smartphone or wireless scanner – providing all the benefits of paperless warehousing.

PROLAG®Go can be run on any Android or Windows Mobile device.




Four components for success


Optimization is an integral part of the system: with functions for route optimization, order prioritization, interleaving, reducing waiting periods, monitoring transport operations or generating user-specific statistics and analyses, you can achieve optimal resource allocation and capacity utilization.


Communication between PROLAG®Go and the mobile end device takes place online – all bookings and movements can be viewed by the picker in real time. The mobile devices are linked with PROLAG®Go over the internet or via wireless Technology.

Transport routes

The system knows the optimal transport routes and paths through the warehouse as well as any potential constraints such as height restrictions, aisle widths or restricted access zones and selects the right picker or transport route accordingly. PROLAG®Go eliminates the risk of collision by allocating orders such that only a certain number of employees are allowed in a given area at any one time. Moreover, the software ensures that forklift operators and workers on foot are not using the same route at the same time. This guarantees the safety of all employees.


PROLAG®Go features a flexible and modular design: basic requirements are covered by the standard module, and any further needs can be met swiftly and flexibly by additional modules which can be activated any time during normal operations. This enhances your capability to react flexibly to future challenges or short-term changes in the market.

user interface PROLAG®Go

Functions at a glance

 PROLAG®Go basic functions

The standard version of the picking application includes the following functions:

  • Stock putaway
  • Stock relocation
  • Picking
  • Shipping
  • And much more


PROLAG®Go additional functions

The solution also offers a number of additional functions which can be activated as required:

  • Production supply, production disposal
  • Multi-order picking
  • Return of empty pallets
  • Consolidation
  • Negative picking
  • And much more


For employees in the warehouse:

  • Faster picking
  • Reduction of picking errors
  • Key stock characteristics can be queried by the picker
  • Shortest paths through the warehouse thanks to route optimization
  • Prioritization of orders
  • Overview of bookings and movements on the forklift in real time
  • Reduced retrieval/breakage: stock is locked and is not accessible for other pickers/orders

For logistics managers and decision-makers:

  • Paperless operations throughout the warehouse
  • Clear overview of all orders, stocks and articles in the dashboard
  • The forklift routing system can be extended and is easily adaptable to future requirements
  • Faster and more accurate order processing