The PROSEND® shipping system handles all of the shipping and export processes in your warehouse. It is a crucial link in the warehouse logistics chain, ensuring that your picked goods arrive at their recipient reliably and using the most economically efficient method.

Modern, multi-depot capability, multi-carrier capability

The shipping system PROSEND<sup>®</sup> is modern, multi-depot capability, multi-carrier capability.

PROSEND® is a state-of-the-art solution providing multi-depot and multi-carrier capability. This allows you to control your shipping processes centrally – even if you’re not on site. The software is browser-based with the advantage that the software does not have to be installed separately on individual clients. Thanks to the many parameter settings, the standard PROSEND® solution is flexible and easy to configure. PROSEND® is an end-to-end solution accommodating each and every step right from importing address data through haulier-specific labelling right up to transmitting delivery data.

The history functionality enables long-term data storage and provides comprehensive statistics functions. Intelligent modules such as customs handling, freight cost optimization and hazardous goods management support your shipping processes. PROSEND® takes the shipping processes into account as early as the picking stage and manages loading according to the delivery route and the unloading sequence.

Range of use

  • PROSEND® can be easily integrated into your existing software landscape
  • Alternatively, you can use PROSEND® as an integrated module in your PROLAG®World Warehouse Management System.

Typical application areas

Shipping warehouses

PROSEND® provides optimum support for your shipping and export processes, regardless of whether your shipping area is large or small, automatic or manual: PROSEND® is modular in design and is adaptable to your needs. The shipping system provides a number of standard interfaces to ERP systems, scales, labelling systems and PLC controllers.

Main functions at a glance

  • Integrated into PROLAG®World as a complete solution
  • Also available as a stand-alone solution with an interface to the ERP or WMS system
  • Modular design – basic package plus add-on modules
  • Dispatch handling through a host of CEP service providers, hauliers and freight forwarders
  • Labels and lists based on the requirements of parcel delivery services and hauliers
  • Optimal integration of all logistics processes
  • Track and trace, statistics functions, cost calculations, freight cost optimization and preparation of certificate of entry
  • Interfaces to scales, SPS, labelling systems and/or printers
  • Automatic customs handling with ATLAS
  • Hazardous gods transport by road, rail and air
  • Secure air cargo handling
  • Process optimisations: pick & pack, forklift routing system
  • Loading based on delivery routes
  • Loading sequence can be generated automatically
  • PROSEND® is browser-based – allowing access any time, any place – and can be operated at stationary or mobile workplaces.
Das Versandsystem wickelt den Versand über sämtliche KEP-Dienstleister, Frachtführer und Speditionen ab.

Die Benefits

For employees in the warehouse

  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Browser-operated allowing real-time access any time, any place
  • Quick and reliable software

For logistics managers and decision-makers

  • Modular design – basic package plus add-on modules meaning your system can be extended any time
  • Provides an overview of open orders, statistics and deliveries
  • Numerous interfaces to ERP systems and/or labelling systems, scales and so on

Functions in detail

The PROSEND® shipping system is a standardized complete solution enabling optimum connectivity of all your logistics processes:

  • Freight cost optimization
  • Interfaces to major hauliers and forwarders
  • Optimal integration of all logistics processes
  • Hazardous goods transport
  • Automatic customs handling with ATLAS
  • Process optimization

The shipping processes are managed by PROLAG®World at the following stations in the warehouse:

  • Stationary and mobile packing areas
  • Dispatch area

Warehouse processes conform to shipping type

Warehouse and shipping processes are very closely linked. The procedures in the warehouse – from picking through consolidation, assembly and packaging, checking and packing right up to loading – all largely depend on the shipping type and the requirements of the haulier and customer. Right from the start, PROLAG®World and PROSEND® steer the processes in the warhouse so that they comply with the requirements of the specific shipping type: Each shipment passes through the necessary control steps and is allocated the packing, labelling, data transmission formats and shipping papers according to the relevant CEP service provider or forwarder. Even as early as the picking stage, PROSEND® considers the shipping type and time of dispatch in order to determine the most suitable and cost-effective CEP service provider or forwarder. Picking is therefore based on delivery routes and loading metres, taking the time of dispatch and delivery date into account.

Freight cost optimization and haulier-specific retrieval

Freight cost optimization
PROSEND® determines the most suitable and cost-efficient CEP service provider or forwarder for each order, based on parameters such as the weight and volume of the goods, package and shipment dimensions and transport routes.

Daily closing through interface communication
Daily closing data is communicated to each parcel delivery service using remote data transmission. All the relevant data is exchanged with the haulier via interface communication with the forwarders’ ERP systems.

Shipping history logs every transaction
The shipping history in PROSEND® logs each shipment and package in the system so that every transaction is traceable. This is a major benefit for returns processing.

Haulier-specific retrieval

The PROSEND® shipping system communicates with all of the major CEP service providers (Courier, Express, Parcel) and the commissioned forwarding companies. Each shipment is allocated the appropriate packing labels, freight lists and delivery papers according to the relevant parcel delivery service or forwarder.

All documents and accompanying papers can be created in various different formats – not only on paper, but also as an email, SMS or in RFID format.

Freight lists:

Im Versandsystem werden alle Unterlagen und Begleitpapiere bedarfsgerecht gedruckt

Packing labels:

Im Versandsystem werden Packlabels bedarfsgerecht erzeugt

Shipping system: Automatic customs handling with ATLAS

The PROSEND® shipping system performs customs clearing by exchanging data with the standardised, electronic ATLAS system. The customs declaration is integrated into the user interface of PROSEND®.

All the relevant shipment data is taken from the PROLAG®World article master and the shipping processes. Via electronic data transfer, the freight transport is registered in the ATLAS system with a unique identification number (MRN). The haulier then receives the printed export documents and accompanying documents.

PROSEND® carries out all customs procedures automatically:

  • Thanks to direct, non-bureaucratic data transfer with no additional master data maintenance.
  • Thanks to automated processes and an intuitive interface which prevents the risk of error inherent in manual processes.

Shipping system: Hazardous goods management

The handling of hazardous goods is subject to certain legal regulations relating to a number of logistics processes such as checking, packing, loading and transportation.

The PROSEND® shipping system ensures that these processes comply with requirements, that hazardous goods are checked, packed and loaded according to the relevant separation regulations and tagged with the correct ADR documents, accompanying papers and tunnel code. PROSEND® also determines a suitable haulier with the resources and competency required to transport hazardous goods.

Shipping system: Dock and yard Management

Dock and yard management can be operated in conjunction with the shipping system. Transport vehicles can be allocated to a dock for a certain period of time. A dock is a gate or ramp at which a transport vehicle can dock to be loaded or unloaded.

Process optimization

Pick and pack: Entails picking ordered goods and putting them directly into the appropriate packing unit so that they can be shipped efficiently. PROSEND® supports volume calculation to prepare or display the appropriate size of shipping container. In this way, you save resources and cut down on packing and padding material.

Forklift routing system: Fast, monitored process steps thanks to shipping procedures with route optimization.