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Our warehouse management software PROLAG®World can manage any type of automated warehouse including pallet storage, small parts or tray storage systems as well as automated stacker cranes, robot systems and conveyor systems. PROLAG®World communicates with the control system of the relevant automated facility by sending and receiving telegrams to and from PLCs or material flow controllers. All types of stock movements can be managed including:

  • Storage putaway
  • Removals
  • Relocation
  • Replenishment

Selecting appropriate storage strategies guarantees undisturbed access to every single article in stock. If there is a failure in one automated storage area, the equal distribution functionality ensures that the required articles can be retrieved from a different area. Automated areas of the warehouse, paternosters and shuttles are an integral part of the storage strategies as well as the general retrieval strategies and picking processes. All automated storage areas are thus incorporated together with the non-automated sections of the warehouse into the general, standardized processes and route optimization functions. With PROLAG®World, the entire warehouse logistics chain remains in your hands.

Typical application areas

Large distribution areas

Large distribution centres are predominantly characterized by fixed, permanent order structures which are processed automatically by PROLAG®World on a daily basis.

Production facilities

Assembly areas in the warehouse and buffer locations in the warehouse can also be managed by PROLAG®World.
The software ensures that the right articles are delivered automatically to the right place at the right time.

3PL for key accounts

PROLAG®World automatically allocates orders that have a defined structure within a fixed infrastructure to the employees with which you hold key accounts.

Functions at a glance

  • Centralized control and overarching communication with the material flow controller.
  • Visualization of the entire material flow.
  • Strategies and route calculation for optimal material flow.
  • System visualization, system simulation and key indicators.
  • PROLAG®World manages storage and retrieval machines, shuttles, lifts, robot systems, high-bay facilities, small parts storage systems, sorting machines, conveyor systems and more.
  • PROLAG®World provides connectivity to a host of logistics system providers: Bewen, Dematik, Elektrolux, FAB, Flück-Roboter, Gilgen, Hänel, Haushahn, Kardex, Klinkhammer, LSW, Megalift, Schäfer Siemens, TGW, Viastore, Westfalia, and Witron.
  • Operations activated by laser pointer: pick-by-light, put-to-light.


For employees in the warehouse

  • Extensive visualization options – you decide which objects, colours and symbols are displayed.
  • All processes and transactions can be configured to your exact requirements.
  • Ergonomic handling.
  • Simplified workflows.

For logistics managers and decision-makers

  • Standard software for simple, customer-friendly project Management.
  • Autonomous software – you remain independent of your general contractor.
  • All types of storage technology – PROLAG®World can manage pallet storage, small parts or tray storage systems as well as automated stacker cranes, robot systems, conveyor systems, sorting machines and much more.
  • Clear interfaces are a prerequisite in PROLAG®World.

Customer references

Functions in detail

Material flow controller

The material flow controller takes on a central control function in automated warehouses and complex production systems, facilitating communication between the various connected components:

  • Storage and retrieval machines
  • Conveyor technology
  • Cross-transfer cars
  • Lift systems
  • Sorters
  • Stacker cranes
  • Robot systems
  • And much more!

The PROLAG®World material flow controller organizes, structures and optimizes the goods movements in your warehouse, communicating with the individual system components through interfaces (protocols and telegrams). The material flow controller logs material flows and incidents, distributes telegrams to the PLC controls, displays and edits telegrams and manages the status of transport orders, restart functions and load units that are in transit.

  • Strategies and route calculation for an optimal material flow
  • Visualization of the entire material flow
  • Evaluation of performance data for optimization of the material flow
  • Easy configuration of the material flow controller

System visualization

Visualization of production processes, recording of downtime, logging of errors: analysis and optimization of the system. The visualization functionality displays the status of transactions and processes in the warehouse, allowing you to see inside the automatic system, so to speak, and check in real time if things are working smoothly. You can configure the reporting points for the visualization as well as which objects, colours and symbols are displayed.

System simulation

PROLAG®World simulates the functioning of your automated warehouse before go-live. The operations within the system and the conveyor technology controls are simulated right down to the last detail. Potential errors are quickly identified, the go-live phase is significantly shortened and live operations get off to a smooth start.

Key indicators

Based on various key indicators, PROLAG®World generates a detailed record of all movements that take place in the warehouse.

PROLAG®World visualisiert einzelne Produktionsabläufe im Lager