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    • Fully web-based and compatible with all browsers – you can get started right away without client installation


    • Accessible any time, any place – always fast and highly secure


    • Unlimited mobility even outside the wireless network range – connect via mobile internet or WLAN


    • Central hosting in CIM’s certified, high availability data centre enables continuously fast access


    • Print from anywhere with mobile printing


    • Responsive design on all mobile devices




Cloud WMS – IT environment

Web-based and compatible with all browsers

The software suite can be run in the web browser on your PC or as an app on your smart glasses, mobile data terminal, smartphone, pick-by-voice device, and so on. The warehouse management software (WMS) does not have to be installed on the client (smartphone, PC or mobile data terminal).

PROLAG®World can be run in any browser. Thanks to its web capability, the PROLAG®World software suite can be hosted centrally. The cloud-based version runs centrally on the server systems in our data centres.

The cloud WMS can be accessed quickly and easily any time, any place.

PROLAG®World is implemented as a browser application ensuring fast reaction times. Unlike terminal server solutions, the software is hosted centrally. Fast access is guaranteed – regardless of where you are in the world.
Updates are installed directly through your internet browser.



Cloud WMS as an SaaS model – security concepts

Encrypted data transfer through HTTPS

The data from the warehouse is transferred to the cloud WMS at CIM’s data centre through an HTTPS encrypted connection.

Certificate-based client authentication can also be configured. Data is transferred securely between CIM’s data centre and the WMS.

If the cloud WMS is accessed in a web browser, an HTTPS connection is used (SSL-encrypted). TCP is used for mobile data terminals, smart glasses and so on (SSL-encrypted), and WebSockets for mobile printers (also SSL-encrypted).


Data encryption through IPsec VPNs

As well as an HTTPS-encrypted connection, an IPsec VPN tunnel can be created for extra security.

The IPsec VPN tunnel is established between the PROLAG®World server gateway and the browser gateway.

The Cloud WMS PROLAG®World can be accessed quickly and securely through the IPsec VPN tunnel.
You can connect any number of your company’s sites.


Mobile printing over WebSockets

Mobile or stationary printers can be simply connected to the PROLAG®World cloud WMS. The printers receive the data securely over the WebSocket protocol (print data is encrypted over SSL).
The benefit: secure printing on any network (WLAN or mobile data). VPN tunnels are not required. PROLAG®World allows users to print on-the-go from wherever they happen to be.

What are the benefits for you? Unlimited mobility

There are clear benefits to using the PROLAG®World cloud WMS as an SaaS model (Software as a Service): Thanks to the responsive design approach, the software can be used on a variety of devices and screen sizes.

Our certified, high availability data centres in Germany are committed to compliance with data protection laws.

Using a cloud-based WMS allows you unlimited mobility: You can work via mobile internet accessed from a handheld mobile device. The devices can also be connected over a mobile network (LTE, UMTS, 3G, 4G). This is useful since there may be no WLAN coverage in the outdoor section of your warehouse.

SaaS model

The server hosting PROLAG®World runs on high availability server landscapes at CIM’s certified data centres in Germany. You purchase PROLAG®World and can start working with the cloud WMS straightaway without having to build a server or install any applications.

WMS as a private cloud model

You can purchase PROLAG®World and make it available as a cloud-based model on your own internal systems.