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CIM’s warehouse management software is called PROLAG®World.
The browser-based solution controls and optimises the full range of processes in your warehouse, distribution centre or logistics centre.

PROLAG®World warehouse management is tailored to meet the requirements of the following sectors: Trade & Retail, Production, Healthcare and 3PL/Forwarders.

Benefits of PROLAG®World warehouse management:
  • High level of stock reliability and transparency in the warehouse
  • 100% service level
  • Continuous overview of stock levels
  • Shortened lead times
  • Reliable and accurate order picking
  • Optimised internal processes
  • Improved picking productivity
You can use the WMS PROLAG<sup>®</sup>World on every device: Pick-by-Voice, Data glasses, PC, Tablet or smartphone

The PROLAG®World Basic package comprises all the core functions for warehouse management::

  • Warehouse mapping, master data management, stock level and transport management.
  • Goods receipt processes: advanced shipping notice, goods receipt posting, quality inspection and stock putaway.
  • Internal warehouse processes such as stock relocation, replenishment, rebooking, stocktaking and control centre functions.
  • Goods issue processes; such as order management, picking, packing and loading.


Warehouse management for Retail, Production and Health Care

Since the retail, production, 3PL and healthcare sectors face very different shipping, storage and logistics challenges, we have created sector-specific product packages with the appropriate modules. PROLAG®World Trade & Retail, PROLAG®World Production, PROLAG®World 3PL and PROLAG®World Healthcare contain the modules which cater specifically to the intralogistics needs of the retail, production, 3PL and healthcare sectors.
PROLAG®World Basic for warehouse management is included in all packages.



1 standard | 150 modules | 1000 configuration options

PROLAG®World warehouse management software is standardised, modular, fully internet-based and individually configurable.

  • The PROLAG®World Production warehouse management package is designed to meet the needs of manufacturing companies. As well as managing your warehouse management processes, the software also controls your production facility. Specialised functions for production logistics can be added at any time.

  • All products are included in the PROLAG®World Basic package Warehouse management PROLAG®World Basic for warehouse management. PROLAG®World Basic can also be used as a standalone and extended as required.

The complete warehouse management suite is made up of more than 150 extension modules: The additional modules equip PROLAG®World with numerous functions for managing and optimising in-house storage systems as well as your processes around production, hazardous goods and shipping.

Mobile warehouse management, warehouse management for forwarders and small businesses

warehouse management for forwarding meets the expectations of forwardingsPROLAG®World Forwarding

For flexible storage, production and shipping processes, PROLAG®World provides more than 150 extension modules which you can combine freely to fit your needs.

PAll mobile versions of PROLAG®World warehouse management are available in PROLAG®Go – an Android app that allows you to work on a variety of mobile devices such as smartphone, MDE device, tablet or smart glasses as well as with pick-by-vision or pick-by-voice.

Customise your warehouse management software in our Online-Configurator.

Typical application areas

Lagerverwaltung für große Lager und Verteilzentren

Large warehouses

Distribution centres, supply warehouses and distribution warehouses – operated automatically or manually: as well as warehouse management functionalities, the Premium solutions include an intelligent forklift routing system with priority processing and strategies for route optimization. An extensive control centre and business intelligence tool provide maximum transparency in your warehouse.

warehouse management for medium-sized warehouses

Medium-sized warehouses

The PROLAG®World Basic package along with the relevant extension modules map the processes in your warehouse perfectly. The forklift routing system guarantees route optimization and priority processing. Hazardous materials, foods and beverages can be managed securely and reliably thanks to product and batch tracking.

warehouse management for small warehouses

Small warehouses

Our compact versions, PROLAG®World Smart and PROLAG®World Forwarding, are the perfect starter models for small warehouses and represent good value for money – you can add further modules as and when you require. The compact versions include the full range of warehouse management functionalities, including options for stocktaking, user administration and master data maintenance.


For employees in the warehouse

  • Modern, standardized software corresponding to the latest programming guidelines.
  • Fully web-based – secure access through the internet.
  • Browser-based and paperless via smartphone, tablet, PC or forklift terminal.
  • Multilingual – the software is available in multiple languages.
  • User-friendly – the interface is intuitive, and user-friendly.
  • Online help – context-sensitive and tailored to customer-specific requirements.
  • Modular design – the modular design of our software means that additional modules can be activated any time.

For logistics managers and decision-makers

  • We deliver a standardized warehouse management system based on our 30 years’ experience.
  • We plan your warehouse logistics together.
  • 100% documentation for the security of your Project.
  • More than 500 configuration parameters guarantee autonomy.
  • Thanks to the business intelligence tool and dashboard, you can check and monitor your logistics processes – any time, any place.
  • The WMS can be easily connected to other systems – thanks to the converter.

Functions at a glance

  • Warehouse layout and storage administration – your warehouse can be mapped to-scale.
  • Goods receipt and putaway – PROLAG®World finds the perfect storage location.
  • Relocation and replenishment – the warehouse management software organizes replenishment for you.
  • Goods issue and retrieval – intelligent picking with PROLAG®World.
  • Global processes and management functions – stocktaking, statistics, and information.
  • Data transfer and interfaces – standardized IT landscape with PROLAG®World.
  • Forklift routing system – route optimization, intelligent storage, retrieval and relocation.
  • Hazardous materials and hazardous goods management.
  • Production logistics.
  • PROSEND® shipping system – multi carrier and multi depot capability.
  • Dock and yard management.
  • Management of automated warehouse with PROLAG®World.

End-to-end supply chain

PROLAG®World combines all of your intralogistics processes in one standardized software solution: everything from goods receipt, stock putaway and replenishment through picking, packing and printing of freight documents right up to stock retrieval and goods issue. You have a real-time overview of all of the stocks and processes in your warehouse. A paperless working environment can be implemented, and picking and packing processes are accelerated. CIM's warehouse management solution is the perfect basis for managing and optimizing your supply chain.

All storage types

The software can be used in manual and automated storage facilities and supports all types of warehouses: picking, replenishment, consignment, victualling, transshipment, distribution, dispatch; block, drive-in, high-bay, tank, silo or flat storage.

Warehouse management software as the basis for stable processes.

The high level of standardization in PROLAG®World caters for the full range of processes in your warehouse.

The result of warehouse Management with PROLAG®World

Faster order lead times, fewer returns due to higher picking reliability, 100% stock and process security.