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The fourth med.Logistica in Leipzig once again proved to be a popular gathering place for the healthcare sector. With 900 exhibitors and a total exhibition space of around 1,800 square metres, this year’s congress and accompanying trade exhibition was substantially bigger than previous years. CIM GmbH spent two very successful days at the event and sees hospital logistics as a key task for the future.

“med.Logistica offers prime opportunities for networking”, says Daniel Wöhr from CIM’s press and marketing department. “We made a number of interesting contacts and were also able to provide some valuable input”. The company is certain that hospitals logistics will play a central role in the future. Efficient hospital logistics can bring enormous benefits. As well as the cost saving and quality improvement aspects for the hospital, there are clear advantages for the patient: “The less time hospital staff spend on logistics tasks, the more time they have to concentrate on caring for their patients”, explains Wöhr.

The right software ensures smooth processes

CIM GmbH showcased their PROLAG®World Health Care solution at the trade fair – a logistics software package specially tailored to meet the requirements of the health sector and the perfect solution for streamlining processes such as bed management, medication logistics and hazardous materials Management.

The team at CIM’s booth demonstrated how resources and in-hospital walking and  transportation routes can be optimized using modern graphical control systems, leaving more time for patient care. And there was a great deal of interest in consultant Robert Slusarz’s talk on optimal replenishment of consumable medical supplies. “The strong interest and numerous enquiries about our product showed that there are still many challenges ahead in the hospital logistics sector. Our aim is to work closely with the sector in order to address these challenges”, commented Slusarz.