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Fürstenfeldbruck/Amstetten, 09.11.2016 – Doka GmbH is a world leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing formwork technology in all fields of the construction sector, and provided the formwork technology for the world’s highest building – the Burj Khalifa in Dubai which stands at 830 m. For over 10 years now, CIM GmbH’s warehouse management system, PROLAG®World, has been perfecting the organisation of the warehouse as well as optimising goods flows at Doku.

Doka GmbH belongs to the Umdasch Group and employees a staff of around 7,300 with more than 160 sales and logistics facilities in over 70 countries. Doka’s central warehouse is located in Amstetten, in a region of Lower Austria known as the Must Quarter. The warehouse includes a small parts storage area with six shuttles, a floor storage spaces and an automated high-bay facility. PROLAG®World has been in operation there since April, managing the 9,900 articles which include everything from micro components weighing just a few grams right up to 11-metre long beams each weighing 2,300 Kilos.

The company’s “aim is to continuously simplify, optimise and streamline processes”. “The same applies to our partners, of course”, explained Maria Pöchacker, application specialist at Doka GmbH. “Ever since the start of our cooperation with CIM, we’ve been steadily optimising our goods flows and warehousing processes.”  The company also feels optimally equipped to face future challenges, according to Pöchacker.

Towards Logistics 4.0 with a new concept

“In the ten years we have been working together, Doka has expanded and the challenges for the warehouse and PROLAG®World have increased too”, said Fritz Mayr, managing director at CIM GmbH. “Thanks to our forward-looking approach and our in-house software development, our system has never had problems keeping pace with the processes in the warehouse”, continued Mayr with a smile. New modules have been designed such as production control and the dispatch area for paperless management of the entire loading process. CIM is currently working on integrating a forklift camera System.

“Even 10 years ago we had a future-proof system thanks to our fully Web-based, modular software”, reflected Mayr. Since then, this system has been expanded and optimised in cooperation with Doka. “With a new product concept and new technologies, we’re currently preparing ourselves and our customers for the challenges presented by Logistics 4.0 with the trend towards greater digitisation, networking and decentralisation”, said Mayr looking ahead to the coming years. The first step in this direction is to expand the use of PROLAG®World internally within the company. “We plan to roll out the system soon at further sites”, commented Maria Pöchacker.