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CIM issues new releases on a quarterly basis. In release 2.8.3, some of the innovations introduced are for returns management. Returned items can now be back in the supply chain even quicker and available for resale. When goods are shipped, PROLAG®World registers the stock data. If a preconfigured return reason has been specified, the returned goods are automatically put back in the correct storage area. The maintenance and returns modules can work in tandem, sending returns on for maintenance to replace packaging or generating a repair order.

The online retail sector is characterised by a high return rate. Returns handling is a core logistical feature in this sector and has a knock-on effect on many other processes in the warehouse software.

The latest updates to the returns management module mean that incoming returns can now be treated as a separate part of the goods receipt process. Consequently, returns are handled as efficiently as possible and are rapidly available for resale.
Each time an order is shipped, PROLAG®World creates a potential return. When returned goods are received, employees need only scan the return number. All data associated with the parcel is then immediately displayed in the warehouse software.
Stock is automatically returned to the correct storage area (seconds warehouse, quality assurance or repair) depending on the reason specified for returning the goods, for example due to poor quality or because they are damaged or defective.

Automatic maintenance and repair

The maintenance and returns modules can work together to automatically generate orders for commissioning article maintenance or repair. For example, items of clothing that have been tried on can be repackaged in plastic wrapping before being returned to storage.
The returns module differentiates between all complaint types occurring due to incorrect deliveries and defective goods. The module also deals with returned deliveries and leftover stock defined in special customer agreements, for example return policies in the online retail sector. It also covers all empties requiring documentation and subject to recycling.

Returns module for online businesses – efficient handling

A major online retailer in the south of Germany is already using the new returns functionality offered by PROLAG®World. The retailer in question has two employees whose job is to process returns efficiently. Once they have scanned the return number, PROLAG®World automatically assigns the relevant article data. A transport trolley is used to collect undamaged articles and return them to storage, where they are then quickly available for resale. A repair order is automatically generated for articles requiring maintenance or workshop repair. The articles are then brought to the relevant storage areas.
Every morning, the most important returns statistics are displayed in the dashboard for the warehouse manager. These include the most common return reasons and rates, categorised by article, customer, supplier and article group, so that appropriate measures can be initiated immediately. PROLAG®World issues a returns forecast for articles if required.

Agile software development for frequent releases

CIM issues releases on a quarterly basis. Before scheduled program modifications are implemented, CIM investigates whether these can be integrated into the standard warehouse software in line with agile software development methods. This means that releases for customer projects are possible at all times. In addition, annual upgrades can be offered and implemented.