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The fourth med.Logistica in Leipzig once again proved to be a popular gathering place for the healthcare sector. With 900 exhibitors and a total exhibition space of around 1,800 square metres, this year’s congress and accompanying trade exhibition was substantially bigger than previous years. CIM GmbH spent two very successful days at the event and sees hospital logistics as a key task for the future. CIM at med.Logistica 2017 - save hospital resources and increase patient satisfaction with the right logistics software weiterlesen
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The digital revolution was the number 1 topic at transport logistic 2017. The high level of interest in digitization was demonstrated among other things by this year’s visitor numbers, which reached an all-time high. True to the dominant theme of the trade fair ‘Networking – digital and across all borders’, CIM GmbH showcased their new ‘pick by pics’ solution. The idea of simplifying warehouse processes through the use of pictograms also attracted a record number of visitors to the company’s stand. transport logistic 2017 - digital revolution and ‘pick by pics’ draw record numbers of visitors to CIM GmbH’s trade fair stand weiterlesen
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CIM’s focus at transport logistic 2017 will be on simplified, integrative picking dialogs. With their new ‘Pick by Pics’ app and revamped user interface, the Fürstenfeldbruck software specialists will be presenting two innovative solutions for simple, efficient picking in the warehouse. Visitors will be able to try out both of the new applications at CIM’s trade fair stand. CIM GmbH demonstrates the future of picking - Visitors to transport logistic can try out the company’s new picking systems ‘live’ weiterlesen
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“A picture is worth a thousand words”, according to the saying. This is the principle behind CIM GmbH’s brand new picking app, PROLAG®Go, which the company presented at LogiMAT 2017 in Stuttgart. The innovative solution generated considerable interest, attracting large numbers of visitors to the company’s booth. Equally well received was PROLAG®World, the flexible Warehouse Management solution designed by the software specialists from Fürstenfeldbruck. “Pick by Pics” at LogiMAT 2017 - CIM’s new picking app attracts a large number of visitors to the company’s booth weiterlesen
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Fürstenfeldbruck, 01.12.2016 – A picture is worth a thousand words: this was the principle behind the design of CIM’s new picker app. The programme is virtually text-free, with practical pictograms guiding the user through the menu and processes. This opens up completely new perspectives for warehouse staff. Mobile Logistics on the Rise: Integration, mobility, flexibility – CIM GmbH’s picker app opens up new perspectives for users weiterlesen
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Fürstenfeldbruck/Amstetten, 09.11.2016 – Doka GmbH is a world leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing formwork technology in all fields of the construction sector, and provided the formwork technology for the world’s highest building – the Burj Khalifa in Dubai which stands at 830 m. For over 10 years now, CIM GmbH’s warehouse management system, PROLAG®World, has been perfecting the organisation of the warehouse as well as optimising goods flows at Doku. Doka and CIM celebrate 10 years of partnership: Over 10 years of perfect Warehouse Management at Doka GmbH thanks to PROLAG®World weiterlesen
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Fürstenfeldbruck, 20.09.2016 – PROLAG®World Smart is the intelligent, economical warehouse management software especially for small warehouses. CIM GmbH’s new solution is tailor-made for the needs and demands of the small warehouse. The software is up and running in a matter of days and enhances efficiency by up to 50 percent with respect to goods receipt, picking and shipping. Small warehouse – big potential: CIM GmbH’s new software solution brings an instant improvement in efficiency and profitability weiterlesen
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Fürstenfeldbruck, 13.06.2016 – Just a few days after the end of CeMAT 2016, logistics software manufacturer CIM GmbH can look back on a very successful trade fair presence. The company, which is based in Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich, even recorded a slight rise in visitor numbers compared to 2014. Many prospective customers took the chance to pick articles live at CIM’s stand using the PROLAG®World Warehouse Management Software and were impressed by the product’s flexibility. The many discussions with visitors clearly highlighted the trends for the coming years.

A successful CeMAT 2016 for CIM GmbH - Picking by smartphone attracts large visitor numbers weiterlesen
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Consolidation for goods picking in the warehouse is closely linked to goods issue, and often represents a bottleneck that sets the pace for picking and in turn for goods issue. CIM GmbH, based in Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich, has designed two new modules to bypass this bottleneck. Consolidation-by-light and consolidation monitoring provide a number of advantages for pickers and guarantee smooth workflows in the warehouse.

CIM GmbH presents consolidation-by-light and consolidation monitoring - Smooth and faster picking thanks to new warehouse management modules weiterlesen
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Hardly any other industry sector is as dynamic and challenging as the health care sector. Growing competition, falling margins and rapidly shifting regulatory requirements are increasingly steering the focus towards optimising logistics and material flows. CIM GmbH will be demonstrating the key success factors for the sector at Wümek, the 17th interdisciplinary congress for technology and hygiene in hospitals, from June 8th – 9th, 2016, in Würzburg.

17th Wümek Congress, 2016 - CIM GmbH presents a tailored software solution for efficient health care logistics (04.05.2016) weiterlesen
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CIM GmbH Logistik-Systeme, manufacturer of intralogistics software, will be exhibiting at this year’s CeMAT in Hannover from 31 May to 3 June, 2016, including solutions such as their Warehouse Management System (WMS), shipping software, production logistics software, the forklift routing system and automated storage system connectivity.  Trade fair visitors will have the chance to work live with the software: they’ll be able to pick articles using a smartphone and view real-time inventory updates instantly on the integrated dashboard.

Warehouse management in the cloud - CIM demonstrates real-time picking by smartphone at CeMAT 2016 (25.04.2016) weiterlesen
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Rain, wind and fallen trees before the starting gun even sounded: the weather presented a tough challenge for the runners from CIM GmbH who took part in the 4th Rothschwaiger Fun Run on Sunday 17 April, 2016, in Fürstenfeldbruck. However, it was one which they mastered with great enthusiasm and encouraging results.

84 kilometres though mud and rain - CIM GmbH braves the weather at the 4th annual community and corporate Fun Run in Fürstenfeldbruck (17.04.2016) weiterlesen
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Intralogistics software designer CIM GmbH can reflect on a successful and intensive LogiMAT in Stuttgart this year. New contacts were established and interesting technical matters were discussed. CIM welcomed numerous visitors to their stand who had the chance to work live with the PROLAG®World Warehouse Management System and were impressed by the flexibility of the product. Visitors also queued to listen to the innovations forum lecture on “Transparent Logistics”.

Buzzing with activity - LogiMAT 2016: Another successful trade fair for CIM (16.03.2016) weiterlesen

Warehouse management software responds to newest trends

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The leading annual trade fair for intralogistics in Europe, LogiMAT 2016, opens its doors again shortly in Stuttgart. This puts the spotlight on the latest sector trends: e-commerce, cloud computing, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0), the Internet of Things and an increase in logistics automation. As both software and intralogistics experts, CIM GmbH see the impact of these trends every day in their customers’ warehouses and choosing the right warehouse management software is pivotal to implementing them successfully.

E-Commerce, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and an Increase in Warehouse Automation (23.02.2016) weiterlesen
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CIM GmbH to present their newest product versions at LogiMAT 2016

CIM GmbH, designers of warehouse management software from Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich, will be exhibiting again at this year’s LogiMAT in Stuttgart from March 8 to March 12, 2016. The focus will be on their newest WMS products including their brand new shipping system, PROSEND®. As always, trade fair visitors will have the chance to work live with the software at CIM’s stand: they’ll be able to pick articles and view the resulting inventory updates and other KPIs in real time on the dashboard.

Expanded product portfolio weiterlesen
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PROLAG®World Warehouse Management System provides new module for replenishment between multiple logistics centres

The new cross-logistics centre replenishment functionality makes it possible to trigger replenishment between multiple logistics centres which are located at different sites. This is essential for companies which have multiple warehouses at more than one site, or picking warehouses and sales depots which have to be replenished on a regular basis. The replenishment can either be triggered manually or automatically on an order-related Basis.

Two warehouses, one system, one process weiterlesen
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The most recent validation by the Fraunhofer IML confirms: PROLAG®World is a modern, standard software system which, despite a high degree of standardisation, provides full flexibility thanks to extensive configuration options.

Quality excellence: PROLAG®World fulfils all the requirements of a modern Warehouse Management System (26.10.2015) weiterlesen
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Sigel GmbH in Mertingen, Bavaria, international manufacturers of office and desk accessories and producers of professional print and service supplies, have replaced their previous warehouse management system with CIM GmbH’s warehouse solution, PROLAG®World. The software handles around 2300 storage and retrieval transactions a day at the company’s two logistics sites. The switchover has allowed Sigel to reorganise and streamline their logistics processes. The company now also profits from the easy upgradeability of the new system.

Dynamic storage for increased warehouse capacity, pick and pack for consumption and cost minimisation (28.09.2015) weiterlesen
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CIM GmbH Logistik-Systeme in Fürstenfeldbruck, leading supplier of Warehouse Management Systems, welcomed two new apprentices at the start of the new school year to begin their training as IT specialists for application development, in other words, the software developers of the future.

Two new apprentices start CIM GmbH: the software experts of tomorrow (21.09.2015) weiterlesen