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In September, the Association of German Engineers (VDI) is to publish a new Standard for Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). This Standard stipulates the requirements to be met by a warehouse management solution. The VDI not only defines clear terminology so that the various contracting partners are speaking the same language. It also answers a question which has long been a subject of debate: when does an IT system provide sufficient functionality to qualify as a Warehouse Management System?

PROLAG®World: deluxe warehouse (13.08.2015) weiterlesen
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ProReServ (Professional Retail Service GmbH) recently implemented CIM GmbH’s Warehouse Management System PROLAG®World to manage their logistics centre in Gelsenkirchen. The WMS is confronted with the wide range of demands of a typical 3PL service provider: 4,000 articles produced by a range of different manufacturers, including hardcopy supplies, mobile phone accessories and peripheral products, are stored, picked, packed and dispatched using PROLAG®World’s real-time warehouse operations.

With the new WMS – seven in one sweep… (23.07.2015) weiterlesen
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CIM GmbH’s Warehouse Management System was implemented at Glaswerk Ernstthal in April 2015. The software steers storage and retrieval transactions, maps the block storage area with around 50,000 pallet slots and manages the loading processes at the glass works.

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Since the start of 2015, forwarding specialists Hövelmann in Rees, North Rhine-Westphalia, have been managing their warehouse with PROLAG®World for Forwarders – CIM GmbH’s new WMS package designed especially for freight forwarding companies.

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As part of their new product package, CIM GmbH Logistik-Systeme has developed a warehouse management solution which is specially tailored to the requirements of forwarding companies. What’s more, visitors to CIM’s stand at transport logistic will be able to try out the PROLAG®World configurator and “click together” their very own Warehouse Management System (WMS), just like a car.

New warehouse management software for forwarding companies and PROLAG®World shipping system (18.03.2015) weiterlesen

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CIM GmbH, manufacturer of warehouse management software from Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich, will be presenting their optimized key indicator cockpit at LogiMAT 2015 in Stuttgart. The cockpit is an extension of the Business Intelligence tool in CIM’s Warehouse Management System, PROLAG®World.

CIM GmbH presents their innovative key indicator cockpit at LogiMAT 2015 (10.12.2014) weiterlesen

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After a fast and trouble-free implementation phase, Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Germany GmbH & Co. KG went live with CIM GmbH’s warehouse management solution in May 2014 at their plant in the Czech Republic. PROLAG®World now handles all the production supply and warehouse management processes at the site.

PROLAG®World goes east - Parker Hannifin install PROLAG®World at their plant in the Czech Republic (14.08.2014) weiterlesen

CIM GmbH's warehouse management software fulfils all the criteria required of a modern standard software solution

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Validation by the Fraunhofer IML confirms: PROLAG®World is a state-of-the-art standard software solution which, despite a high level of standardisation, offers full flexibility thanks to extensive configuration options.

Fraunhofer Validation confirms: PROLAG®World is at the forefront of new trends (31.07.2014) weiterlesen

Full WMS provider implements customs module at Mader as cloud-based ASP solution

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CIM GmbH, full WMS provider from Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich, implement their logistics software PROLAG®World at the customs warehouse of logistics provider Johann Mader. Thanks to an integrated customs module, customs declarations can be made quickly and automatically over an ATLAS interface. The use of PROLAG®World is rented by Mader and the software is accessed through a web browser.

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Fürstenfeldbruck, 24.04.2014 CIM’s warehouse software was confronted with the exacting demands of the trade sector when technical wholesalers Kahmann & Ellerbrock recently implemented PROLAG®World to optimise their logistics processes. Continuous stocktaking and efficient management of remnants have opened up considerable savings potential and brought improved stock reliability. Purchase orders received in the web shop are processed by PROLAG®World’s forklift routing system quickly and efficiently. Kahmann & Ellerbrock also have several consignment storage areas which are replenished automatically using the warehouse software. Kanban boxes are filled using the automatic kanban control functionality.

PROLAG®World enhances transparency and stock reliability in wholesale warehouse (24.04.20414) weiterlesen

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Fürstenfeldbruck, 02.04.2014 – CIM GmbH from Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich are to present their warehouse management software at this year’s CeMAT, the world’s leading fair for intralogistics in Hannover. The focus will be on the PROLAG®World product packages for warehouse logistics.

PROLAG®World product packages for your logistics - Visit CIM at CeMAT 2014! (02.04.2014) weiterlesen

Fürstenfeldbruck, 13.03.2014 – CIM GmbH, leading supplier of warehouse management software from Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich, celebrated their tenth year in succession at LogiMAT this year. The focus at CIM’s exhibition booth was on their five main software products: PROLAG®World Basic, PROLAG®World Trade & Retail, PROLAG®World Production, PROLAG®World HealthCare and PROLAG®World 3PL.

A successful anniversary - CIM GmbH attend the LogiMAT for the 10th time in succession (13.03.2014) weiterlesen

Fürstenfeldbruck, 12.03.2014 – This winter, Simtek Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH went live with CIM’s warehouse management system PROLAG®World for optimal management of their precision tools. The software stores 40,000 small parts in pallet and shuttle storage systems and controls access to the articles in the shuttle towers using pick-to-light technology. Optimal control of the shuttles means that warehouse employees can pick from both towers in parallel – reducing waiting times considerably. In the short time since implementing PROLAG®World, Simtek has noted a high level of stock reliability combined with efficient warehouse transactions plus fast and easy picking thanks to the pick-to-light system.

Pick-to-light technology for efficient picking - Simtek Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH implements PROLAG®World (12.03.2014) weiterlesen

CIM GmbH Logistik-Systeme implement their dispatch area functionality at the Doka Group. The WMS extension module steers the entire process right from allocating delivery orders to a staging area right up to loading the packed orders into trucks or containers. For eight years now, the Doka Group has been using CIM’s warehouse management software PROLAG®World to manage goods and processes in their warehouses. Doka belongs to the Umdasch Group and is a leading provider of formwork complete solutions.  

Intelligent loading - Warehouse software for lean and efficient loading processes (29.01.2014) weiterlesen