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The digital revolution was the number 1 topic at transport logistic 2017. The high level of interest in digitization was demonstrated among other things by this year’s visitor numbers, which reached an all-time high. True to the dominant theme of the trade fair ‘Networking – digital and across all borders’, CIM GmbH showcased their new ‘pick by pics’ solution. The idea of simplifying warehouse processes through the use of pictograms also attracted a record number of visitors to the company’s stand.

Visitors to transport logistic were able to try out the new ‘pick by pics’ dialog for themselves, using handheld scanners, tablets or smart glasses to pick confectionery articles – the perfect energy boost for a busy day at the trade fair. Order and inventory updates were displayed in real time on the PROLAG®World dashboard.

“The idea behind the new ‘pick by pics’ dialog is to display work instructions for warehouse employees using simple pictograms and without any text”, explains Daniel Wöhr from CIM’s press and marketing department. This allows a variety of different user groups to be fully integrated into the working environment – regardless of the language they speak or their literacy level. “A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes”, adds Wöhr.

Growing demand for flexibility and security

“We’ve noticed recently that more and more customers are looking for an application which is flexible and secure at the same time, equipping them to keep up with the rapid pace of the future”, says Fritz Mayr, managing director of CIM GmbH. PROLAG®World is both of these things: the warehouse management solution is the culmination of over 30 years’ experience in software development and project management. Thanks to CIM’s very own UltraFlex technology, the solution is also fully customizable. “This means that our customers are optimally prepared to deal with the rapidly changing pace of technology”, so Fritz Mayr.

transport logistic reports record participation figures

Not only CIM was pleased with the outcome of the four-day trade. The organizers of transport logistic reported record participation figures for 2017. A total of 2,162 exhibitors from 62 countries showcased their products – an increase of 5.4 percent in comparison to 2016. All nine halls were booked to capacity, providing a total exhibition space of 115,000 square metres. The number of visitors, from 123 different countries, rose by 9.5 percent to over 60,726.