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Intralogistics software manufacturers CIM GmbH are firmly convinced that the internationalisation of logistics isn’t just a trend, it’s a reality. To make sure their customers are equipped for the unique challenges of the global intralogistics market, CIM provides a warehouse management system which has a proven track record and caters for a range of different languages, countries and processes.

PROLAG®World’s multi warehouse capability is a key element of its linguistic and regional versatility. Multiple sites or warehouses can be managed in just one installation. Individual logistics centres can work totally independently, or they can use the same strategies and process synergies of a central instance. PROLAG®World manages multiple warehouses for a German logistics service provider in Germany, Australia and New Zealand, to state an example. Each logistics centre is a separate and is optimally configured: the customer can choose the basic settings in PROLAG®World such as time zone, system language or currency. In the warehouse in Germany, documents, labels, invoices and other printouts are created in German, the currency is the Euro and the time zone is Central European Time. However, the working language in Australia is English, the currency Australian Dollar and the time zone is Australian Eastern Time.

PROLAG®World offers two exceptional features in this regard: the warehouse in Australia also stores goods for a German customer/owner. Instead of Australian Dollar, you can also select Euro as the currency for warehouse billing. And you can switch the user language within a single logistics centre. If there are German users working in Australia, the user language can be individually set to German. If the user language and system language are not identical, users can enter changes or searches in the system in their own language and PROLAG®World automatically translates these entries into the system language, or from the system language into the user language.

What’s especially convenient for customers with multiple sites is that all storage locations or sites can be mapped within one central installation of PROLAG®World. This has major benefits compared to separate installations at each site. New releases or add-on functions are imported centrally and are instantaneously available in all logistics centres, making it considerably quicker and easier for customers to integrate new features globally. This centralisation allows for higher reliability and easier implementation of company-wide security standards. CIM has a number of customers in other countries such as Austria, Switzerland, France, Poland, Qatar, South Africa and the US who already benefit from the high level of internationalisation provided by the software.