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Mobile productivity, cost efficiency and the easing of pressure on the IT department – these are the key reasons for German companies choosing cloud services according to the results of a survey conducted by forcont business technology gmbh. It’s several years now since CIM launched the cloud-based version of their warehouse management system PROLAG®World. The company’s logistics experts will be attending this year’s LogiMAT and Hannover Messe, highlighting the challenges of warehouse management in the cloud, as well as demonstrating how a cloud solution can add value to your product or service.

PROLAG®World was one of the first warehouse management systems to be available in the cloud, and CIM continues to pioneer the field of cloud WMS through continuous enhancement of the solution. Customers use the software to manage their intralogistics processes as a web application. It can be run in a web browser on your PC or as an app on smart glasses, a mobile device, smartphone, or pick-by-voice device. There is no need to install the WMS software separately for each client.

“We’re currently seeing a significant increase in the demand for cloud systems”, says Daniel Wöhr from CIM’s press and marketing department. The security aspect continues to be the main consideration. CIM’s data centres in Germany provide the highest security standards and are committed to complying with data protection laws. Data from the warehouse is transferred to the cloud WMS at the data centre through an HTTPS encrypted connection. Other types of encryption can also be used.

PROLAG®World in the cloud guarantees faster deployment and lower costs. The hardware is available instantly with no new expense for an IT infrastructure or additional security needs. And there’s no need to install the software on local devices since it is implemented on a central instance at the data centre. The cloud-based WMS is 100 % web-based and compatible with any browser making for shorter project completion periods and lower costs, as well as considerably easing the pressure on the customer’s IT department.

CIM’s cloud solution offers the additional advantage of being highly scalable and future-proof. The hardware at the data centre always conforms to the latest state-of-the-art and any additional hardware required by the customer can be purchased on demand. Likewise, the software is always kept up-to-date with the latest upgrades. Software enhancements or updates are imported centrally and are instantly available to users around the world. “This gives our customers greater flexibility, allowing them to respond quickly to changes in the market”, explains Daniel.

The cloud-based software provides unlimited mobility. CIM’s customers have access to PROLAG®World any time, any place over a WiFi network or mobile network. Thanks to the responsive design approach, the WMS can be run easily and intuitively on any mobile device and users of the cloud version can expect the same performance level as with an on-premises solution. PROLAG®World is hosted in CIM’s certified, highly available data centres enabling fast, on-demand access and a continuously high level of service.