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If our company modifies its business processes in the future, can the logistics solution PROLAG®World be easily adapted to meet our new needs?

  • In the face of the rapid pace of technological development and ever-changing business processes, an innovative and flexible logistics solution such as PROLAG®World is indispensable.
  • Thanks to the fact that it is operating system independent, PROLAG®World is designed to run on current and future systems.
  • The HTML-based user interface in the browser can be simply tailored to your requirements using models and templates.
  • PROLAG®World is equipped with a range of sector-specific templates for standard business processes.
  • Object-oriented programming ensures separation of the standard layer and the customer class layer. This avoids having to make changes to the standard programme.
  • The result is low update costs, reducing the TCO (total cost of ownership).

How does CIM GmbH reduce potential risks during the implementation phase?

  • The risk of idle time and incompatibility with existing systems is minimized.
  • PROLAG®World is based on a high-performance standard.
  • PROLAG®World is database-independent and can therefore be seamlessly connected with your standard database.
  • XML and ASCII interfaces or integrated interfaces such as SAP guarantee immediate, stable data availability.

How do the costs for PROLAG®World evolve during the implementation phase and in the future?

  • PROLAG®World is designed such that implementation and extension options are guaranteed at all times by transparent pricing and independent development.
  • PROLAG®World does not make high demands in terms of hardware and software and can be integrated into your existing network.
  • Thanks to its internet capability, PROLAG®World can be implemented at any site and offers unlimited extension options.

Does PROLAG®World require a large amount of administration and data management?

  • Centralised data management allows quick and easy administration.
  • A number of configuration options are already provided by sector-specific templates.
  • Customers can tailor the user interface to the needs of a specific warehouse or user without much prior knowledge of the system.

How difficult is it to install the logistics solution PROLAG®World ?

  • The process of installing the logistics solution on the server is largely automated.
  • An installation on the client is not necessary since only an internet browser is required.

How easy is it to upgrade PROLAG®World?

  • The layered architecture allows you to extend and upgrade PROLAG®World without modifying any of your customer-specific adjustments.
  • The use of object-oriented programming means that customer classes inherit any updates and settings made in the standard classes.
  • There are unlimited options for extending and expanding the system.

Can PROLAG®World be easily and effectively integrated with other systems?

  • PROLAG®World can be seamlessly integrated with most of the common Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. There is a certified interface for SAP R/3.
  • PROLAG®World is database-independent and provides a host of different database interfaces.
  • PROLAG®World is compatible with multiple operating systems and can work with your existing software and hardware.

Is PROLAG®World scaleable?

  • PROLAG®World provides unlimited scalability.
  • There are a number of extension modules available for use in your business logic.

How can we use PROLAG®World to manage our branches?

  • Thanks to its internet capability, PROLAG®World can be implemented at any site.
  • PROLAG®World's multi-client capability means that it can be used to manage multiple warehouses.

How future-proof is a logistics solution with PROLAG®World?

  • The use of common standards such as HTML and XML together with the continuous improvement of the functionality guarantee the future sustainability of PROLAG®World.
  • Low investment costs combined with high availability and scalability make our software the right choice for the long term.